Monday, February 13, 2012

highly favored, greatly blessed

its so weird how sometimes you can be thinking about something, and then someone says something, or something happens...and it all comes together at the right time. some might think its coincidence, I think it is favor.
I know that I have been blessed. It hasn't always been that way, far from it...but I DO know that once I put my life in God's hands, things have changed. My life is nothing I ever could have imagined or dreamed. I'm not rich, famous or fancy.. but I have a wonderful husband and three healthy kids that are full of love. Our bills our paid, we have beds to sleep on and cars to drive. What more could I want? I don't need anything, but I know that God has more for me. So... I have been asking for His favor. In ministry, in life, in family and new endeavors I've been asking for His favor, His blessing... so that I can do more and bless more people. I feel like since I have been praying for this so many words of affirmation have followed, opportunities have opened up and my dreams have gotten bigger. There is so much more out there.. I just have to see it, believe and receive. I truly believe He has so much more for you too. Ask Him.. seek and then receive. What father would not want to give the best to his kids? now being a parent I understand that so much more.. and understand His love for me so much more.
So today with dry eyes, sleepy headache and a belly ache..I could not be more thankful, excited and aware that I am richly blessed!!

(I thought I'd add a picture of my little princess, cuz.. well.. she's just so darn cute!)

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