Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nail Polish Prayers

This is my beautiful friend Amy when we took a little 'mommy vacation' a couple of years ago. She has been such an encouragement to me throughout the years and the other day she posted something that really got me thinking and I thought I would share! She said that she reserved her time to polish her nails as time she would spend in prayer for her good friends. What a blessing! Then in my study this week one of the questions was about why we don't spend more time in prayer. And as most people would probably attest to.. its usuallly time, priorities... even though we all know that it is such an important part of our lives our schedules get the best of us. So this nail polish prayer got me thinking.. what if I assign each 'chore' to different prayers that I need to be praying? Vacuuming will be time spent praying for my ladies group, washing dishes will be fore close friends, brushing my teeth in the morning I will thank God for everything I can think of..and so on. I just thought after a couple of days of doing this, it will just become natural to pray for those things AND it'll make those chores more meaningful and purposeful.

anyways I thought I would share that little gift she shared with me!

I made these private videos for a couple really good friends a couple of thanksgivings ago to tell them how much I love and appreciate them. This is the one to Amy, and I am just showing you guys so that those who know her and are around her will love and appreciate her too! (as if you don't already!)