Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have not printed pictures since my son was about 2 months old, he is now 3. I have all these folders on my computer of pictures that have been waiting to get sorted through. Digital cameras are awesome because you can download and be done with it.. BUT you take so many more pictures, so sorting through them is a lot more work! So I spent all day yesterday making folders to print and I am only halfway through 2009! waaahh! I am printing them through shutterfly, when you sign up you get 50 free prints, use coupon code ship30 for free shipping and print30 for 30% off PLUS you can prepay and get your prints for 9 cents! *phew. that was a mouthful. So... if you are like me... start printing those prints! I keep having this fear that if my computer crashed I'd be totally screwed. Now I need to go to Marshall's/Ross and get some cute photo albums. I have to admit, going through the pictures was fun. It seems so long ago, but yet just yesterday that my older two were just babies. I am glad that in this short time we've already made so many good memories. That they laugh a lot and have a good life.
So on this gloomy, cloudy morning.. I have thousands of rays of sunshine to look through as I get myself organized! Have a great day!

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