Thursday, January 12, 2012


ok. *deep breath
I've been thinking about becoming more serious about couponing. Every time I watch Extreme Couponing on TLC I think... woah, that is SO me.
I think I hesitate because I'm an all or nothing person. and when I'm all in, I'm ALL IN.
So in fear of becoming a crazy addicted, hoarding couponer.. I've satisfied myself with the regular coupon life... until last night.
Last night I had a burst of excitement an energy and went on a rampage for coupons. So.. I think, I may have let a monster out of the closet.
I was online for about 5 hours yesterday printing, clipping and sorting coupons.. then this morning, tied up my hair, fed baby and trekked out to what I thought would be a easy quick trip. WRONG. couponing is a lot of work AND time consuming people!!!
so with that said, I'll start posting really good deals if I find them and keep you updated :)
here are some good sites I've been using so far: ( I know there is more, but mama is tired!)

so with that said, I saved about $30 on my trip to Target today.. not too bad.. CVS was a different story. I almost pooped my pants.

oh and I changed the settings on this blog (because Amy made me) so anyone can comment or e-mail posts. hopefully that helps!


  1. Lol I am the same way about deals too but ever since I've been couponing using manufacturers coupons, I've learned to take a step back and rethink a deal because I know how far I can stretch my money! I'm not sure about the show though..I've only seen one episode but it seems really a little unrealistic since most stores do not let you use that many coupons. I think there are some valuable skills to be gained as well.

    Anyways! I love your youtube channel and how down to earth you are so I'm excited you have a blog I can follow too.

    Take care,

    1. aw thank you for watching and reading! yes i've had to take a breather and realize just because its a good deal.. i don't NEED it!!! have a great week!