Saturday, January 21, 2012


So every year when January 1st comes around me and my husband go on a date and set our goals for the next year. Before we start we pull out our lists from last year and check if we had done them or not. We write 20 goals, for us personally as a family and other. This year we got a late late start and did it last night. It is good to see last year (and past years) things we accomplished and the ways in which God blessed us and provided for us through the year. When we are done, I have a cork board by the bathroom mirror where it stays for the whole year so as we brush our teeth in the morning we can look over and remind ourselves of our goals.
A couple of my goals this year are simple, yet hard. To be more patient, smile more, laugh hard with my kids and make sure to tell every family member every day how much I love them and how important they are to me.
My beloved grandma passed away last year. She raised me and was such a beautiful soul (my youngest baby looks just like her!). After she passed I've had a lot of 'I wish I' moments. Where I wish I visited her more, brought the kids to see her, called her more often.... So in light of that I want to be more intentional about those small things that I wish I could just have one more chance to do. Give hugs, laugh...
puts things into perspective. reminds you not the sweat the small stuff... and really savour each day. So in the moments when my kids are driving me nuts, I tell myself they will never be this size again and one day I will miss this.
anyways, I am loving the rain outside and am gonna enjoy my morning cup of coffee! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and know that you are loved :)

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