Sunday, September 26, 2010

smoldering Sunday

what happened to fall?! it was too hot out today, 109 degrees. tomorrow is suppose to be even hotter! the happiness of boots and scarves was fluttering my mind all week....until today, when they fluttered back into my closet *sigh

So I've been kinda sick. Last night I decided to take some Nyquil (at midnight, bad idea) this morning I could NOT wake up. I have been in a groggy haze all day. On the way to church I have to admit I was kinda moody...then I looked at my little monkey bobbing his head back and forth and I had to smile....

I guess my moodiness was contagious... and my son caught it before the monkey could save me, or him. He was such a whiney stine at church. at one point he ran up to me and pulled the buttons off of my dress...
now my dress is missing 2 buttons.... oh well. its just a dress...:)
anyways, hope you guys had a great Sunday and it was cooler wherever you were!

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