Tuesday, September 21, 2010


so the whole family went to disneyland for a 2 day vacation in honor of the littliest bro-in-law. He is going away for 10 months so we thought we'd make it his day....unbeknownst to him. So we all wore his band's t-shirts and had so much fun.
(I know you can't tell, but he was happy.. I know it!)

one sad moment.... I got kicked off of DUMBO~!
I didn't even know that could happen! I could hear the announcer saying something, but couldn't really make out what he was saying (and was so into dumbo, really I wasn't paying attention). All of a sudden the ride stopped.... I knew it wasn't the end because the elephants usually level out and you soar for a while. when the ride stopped the guy comes over and says "rides over, BECAUSE OF YOU" and I was like "huh?!" and he says "you CAN'T be turned around taking pictures of your kids. I could lose my job, you could sue me if you hurt your back by being turned around, RIDE IS OVER"
i felt so bad to all the other riders... BUT to my defense, I didn't know!!! I always see people taking pictures! AND there should be a sign, no?! haha!

so here is a picture on the 'stationary dumbo' where we are SUPPOSE to take pictures... haha!
We all had so much fun. I am so blessed with an amazing family. Lots of fun, lots of laughter... lots of love.
Life is beautiful <3>

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