Tuesday, September 21, 2010

military boots

OooOOOh.... I got so excited when I saw the parcel service stop in front of my house.
Finally got the boots I wanted, FREE! thanks swagbucks!

I've been looking for some cute military boots... that were comfy and not expensive. I got them through Amazon.com with my swagbucks, but if you just want to buy them they are from a store called 'make me chic' I think if you google it, the site comes up. I want to say they were $25. They have a ton of cute stuff on the site, I don't like a lot of the clothes...but the shoes are super cute and VERY reasonably priced.
wait, I'll find the site for you.
here it is:

I totally feel like I work for swagbucks, but C'MON PEOPLE its FREE stuff!
you use it just like google...earn points, and trade it for free stuff...
I want everyone to get free stuff! hahahaa...
I just discovered the tool bar. When you add it you win without even doing anything!


anyways, I just overdosed on Panda Express and need to veg...bye for now!

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  1. hey, yea so i signed up fpr the swag bucks... but man im just not as COMPUTER savvy as you.. i mean i thought i was pretty good at it, but all these sites and things you do are getting too complicated for me, or im just getting slow and old? haha ....