Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oscar's Viewing Party | Neutrogena, MyHabit, Ok Magazine

Thank you DriveSTI for the fancy car!

We got to try out this gorgeous Mazda 3 Touring for a couple of days and it was perfect timing!
My husband was officiating a wedding and I got to go as his date, there's something special about going on a fancy date and pulling up in a cool car. 
Don't get me wrong, mini vans are about as cool as you can get...
but you know what I mean!

So we got dressed up and went for a long drive and chatted, laughed and talked about all the blessings in our life. It really doesn't matter where you are... it's the company. It was nice too because it started raining and driving around in a smooth car with windshield wipers that actually work is pretty special! Oh, and of course our tushies were warm too from the heated seats!


I was invited to an Oscar's viewing party held by Neutrogena, MyHabit and Ok Magazine
It was held at the beautiful W hotel, what an experience!!

Walking the red carpet? not really something I do on a regular basis, but I have to say... It was pretty fun!!

So much good food and celebrities everywhere. So many people looked vaguely familiar and I was googling them as they stood right next to me, I know... I'm so embarrassing!! haha!!
I guess the list to get in was "tight", and honestly don't know how I got there and even allowed to bring a +1 but I am thankful for the invite and the experience, thank you Neutrogena!

So being that I'm a SAHM of four, my fancy dress section of my closet is non existent... so what's a girl to do? I got this  dress for $15 in the clearance section of Forever 21 and paired it with some heels from Ross! Yup, that's how your girl rolls.

Jeannie vs. Jenny

Oh my goodness! I almost forgot to tell you guys.. so people kept coming up to me going "Jenny... this this and this" or "Oh its so good to see you" and I would respond with "oh, my name is Jeannie, not Jenny" I just assumed they were pronouncing my name wrong. Then later a network interviewed me and introduced me as Jenny with a huge fashion vlog. I was thinking, I do-do fashion.. but I am not a huge fashion vlogger by any means. I told my friend that maybe they think I'm someone else, just then a girl liked one of my pictures on instagram and I clicked her name and HER name was Jenny and she was a fashion blogger! Next thing you know, an asian girl with long black hair walked by... OH, people must think I'm her!!!! Now I wonder if that interview will air with me as Jenny?!  I guess I can see the resemblance, especially if we are not right next to each other. She is a contestant on the new season on the Amazing Race, so check it out! 

So glad to have shared the experience with one of my best friends of 18 years. Thank you for coming with me!! 

Click to watch me going to the event! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Kia Sedona: Little Tokyo

No words, pictures or video can describe the love I have for this mini van. 
No seriously, I have always stuck to my guns in saying nothing will ever come close to my Toyota Sienna....and I'm not bashing my trusty minivan because we still have a lot of years with it (or atleast paying it!) but for real. This Kia Sedona is no joke.
I probably would never have even considered a Kia minivan.... but this one, luxury.
There is SO much leg room for both rows and the first row even has leg rests that pop out and the seats not only move front to back, but they also move side to side so the seats can be right next to each other or there can be an aisle.
It drives soooooooo smooth. 
There is a sunroof for the front and one for the back and climate control for both as well.
What I was totally blown away by was the aerial view camera.
yes, you can see ALL around the car. 
So if there are zombies lurking waiting to pounce, you're gonna see them.

click the video to watch our time in the 2015 Kia Sedona Fully Loaded!

January Favorites

Is it way too late to post this?
oh well!
Here are my January Favorites, Enjoy!

Visiting Chef Aarti's house!

ok. I feel like I need to take a deep breath before I start sharing, I tend to get excited and just want to squeal and talk (or type) really really fast. haha!

I had the beautiful and awesome privilege of being invited into the home of Aarti Sequeira. 
Yes, The chef and winner of  Food Network Star , Aarti Paarti, Chopped... just to name a few
Anyone who knows me knows how much my WHOLE family loves cooking shows, so I was beyond excited to be able to watch her cook in such an intimate setting. 

Within Seconds of meeting Aarti, you just feel at home. Like you've known her for years, she has that kind of warmth that makes you instantly comfortable.  Can I say... I feel like she's my new friend?!?! I need her to be, I think we are kindred spirits. (yes, Anne of Green Gables!!)

Aarti is coming out with a new show on the Ownzones network that she gets to film in her house with her husband behind the camera! In case you're like "what is Ownzones?!" it's an online network full of different kinds of content, no commercials and great shows! 
Anyways, Aarti's show is going to be "10 minute meals", and as a mom of four.. that sounds super appetizing. (did ya see what I just did right there?) 
A lot of times when I watch "easy meal" type shows I'm like, yeah easy for YOU! but seriously, watching her cook I was like... I think I can do that!!
We got to watch her film one of her episodes and of course taste all the goodness that came from 10 minutes with her magical fingers!

She sat down with us and just chatted and answered some questions. It really felt like I was just chatting with an old friend. She signed some books for us before we left and I already have about 20 flags sticking out on recipes I want to try. 

Thank you so much Aarti for allowing me to come into your home and watch what you do best, love the people around you and cook with joy!

You can click the link below to get to Ownzones and check out their site!!

watch my video of us hanging out at Aarti's house!

This is not a sponsored post, all my thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

Click to get your Bikini Body Guide!

It has begun.
I have been wanting to try this guide for atleast a year. I follow Kayla on instagram and between her personal posts, inspirational words AND seeing the transformation of all the women who are doing her guide I've always been so curious and wondered if that could be me! 
The above picture was after workout one. I seriously could not move for a good 20 minutes. 
Hurts so good.

I have been on a fitness journey and lifestyle overhaul since having my 4th baby and I truly want it to be a lifestyle change and I want my kids to see me taking care of myself, AND I want to be around for a long time, having fun and being active with my kids and one day my grandkids. 

As I type this I am on day 5 and I determined to go the full 12 weeks and share my progress.
Kayla's team sent me the guide to try and share my results with you, which I was so excited about because she is honestly the only fitness person I follow on social media (how she found me is a miracle in itself) and I was so excited (and scared) to try it. All of my results, opinion and progress is honest. I don't share stuff I don't believe in and I will always tell you the truth. 
So we shall see in 12 weeks what this guide does for me!
(i need a good transformation picture, because the before picture will not see the light of day unless there is a good after picture!!)

Here is a quick overview of the guide and my thoughts after starting:

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mitsubishi Mirage 2015

Ok, how cute is this Mitsubishi Mirage?!?
So cute, gotta love the kiwi green. Not only is the color cute, but I feel like it is functional on the road for people to see you coming! I thought this car was going to be too small and uncomfortable to drive, but it was the total opposite. I found it so funny that my husband loved it so much! 
So easy to drive, turn, park and move around (especially after always driving a mini van) and you can't beat the 44 highway MPG!!

click to watch our VLOG! 

See previous blog post to read about our trip to see the Harlem Globetrotters and a promo code to get a discounted ticket!

Harlem Globetrotters 2015 Tour

We got to go on a rare date with just our older two for the first time! It was weird because after our 2nd we had taken a while to decide if we wanted more kids so we talked about how it would have been so weird if it were just the four of us!

We were invited to watch the Harlem Globetrotters which was super exciting because my husband played high school & college basketball and he had gone to watch the Harlem Globetrotters when he was a young kid. (so it was kind of a blast from the past and something he could share with the kids!)

It was our first time at the  USC Galen center, and I have to say.. what a great stadium! I don't think there was a bad seat in the house. 

We got to sit right on top of the tunnel that all the players came out of so we got to see all of them close up! All of the players, dancers and performers were all so friendly and kind. (we even walked through the halls with one of them and took selfies along the way... which of course turned out blurry.  boo!) and the show itself is so family friendly and perfect for kids.
Ellen Pompeo (Merideth Grey from Grey's Anatomy) was in the crowd so they pulled her on court so that was a highlight for me!!

Here we are with the "Cheese". Such a nice guy, seriously... everyone we came into contact with was super friendly. Made for a great family fun day!

If you are interested in going, use code FAMGUIDE  to save $7 off your tickets!

see following post for our VLOG of our trip!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy Mommy Box

I love when I find a box that is not only filled with awesome goodies, but also encourages! This one is extra special because it's made just for mommies. So whether you are a mom or know a mom that could use a little love... perfect monthly care package in a box. (monthly box is $29)
They also have so many cute things in their shop that I absolutely adore!

click to see what is inside!

Happy Mommy Box so graciously sent this box for review. All opinions are honest and my own. as always!

January Boxy Charm

get 4-5 FULL sized beauty products for $21/month
I have yet to get a boxy charm I wasn't totally impressed with and this month was no different!

Click to see what I got!

Target Dollar Section Haul

Target is my place!!
and I feel like Target knows what my heart longs for... and lately that means anything planner or stationary related.
I found so many cute goodies in the Target dollar spot!!!

Click to watch my haul!

99 Cent Store Haul

Danger! am I the only one that feels like the dollar store sucks you into buying a whole bunch of stuff you didn't need?! haha!
They opened a new 99 cent store by my house and even though there is another one right down the street... this one is just big, clean, organized... and not busy. We've been taking much too frequent trips there, but they have some good stuff!!
Thought I would share!

My sister and friends all loved the little travel tubes so I went back to get them some and they were all pillaged through!!! (did y'all take them or what?!)