Monday, February 23, 2015

Visiting Chef Aarti's house!

ok. I feel like I need to take a deep breath before I start sharing, I tend to get excited and just want to squeal and talk (or type) really really fast. haha!

I had the beautiful and awesome privilege of being invited into the home of Aarti Sequeira. 
Yes, The chef and winner of  Food Network Star , Aarti Paarti, Chopped... just to name a few
Anyone who knows me knows how much my WHOLE family loves cooking shows, so I was beyond excited to be able to watch her cook in such an intimate setting. 

Within Seconds of meeting Aarti, you just feel at home. Like you've known her for years, she has that kind of warmth that makes you instantly comfortable.  Can I say... I feel like she's my new friend?!?! I need her to be, I think we are kindred spirits. (yes, Anne of Green Gables!!)

Aarti is coming out with a new show on the Ownzones network that she gets to film in her house with her husband behind the camera! In case you're like "what is Ownzones?!" it's an online network full of different kinds of content, no commercials and great shows! 
Anyways, Aarti's show is going to be "10 minute meals", and as a mom of four.. that sounds super appetizing. (did ya see what I just did right there?) 
A lot of times when I watch "easy meal" type shows I'm like, yeah easy for YOU! but seriously, watching her cook I was like... I think I can do that!!
We got to watch her film one of her episodes and of course taste all the goodness that came from 10 minutes with her magical fingers!

She sat down with us and just chatted and answered some questions. It really felt like I was just chatting with an old friend. She signed some books for us before we left and I already have about 20 flags sticking out on recipes I want to try. 

Thank you so much Aarti for allowing me to come into your home and watch what you do best, love the people around you and cook with joy!

You can click the link below to get to Ownzones and check out their site!!

watch my video of us hanging out at Aarti's house!

This is not a sponsored post, all my thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Oh wow! This is really awesome. I thought Aarti was great on Food Network Star. I'll have to look for her new show.