Monday, February 16, 2015

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

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It has begun.
I have been wanting to try this guide for atleast a year. I follow Kayla on instagram and between her personal posts, inspirational words AND seeing the transformation of all the women who are doing her guide I've always been so curious and wondered if that could be me! 
The above picture was after workout one. I seriously could not move for a good 20 minutes. 
Hurts so good.

I have been on a fitness journey and lifestyle overhaul since having my 4th baby and I truly want it to be a lifestyle change and I want my kids to see me taking care of myself, AND I want to be around for a long time, having fun and being active with my kids and one day my grandkids. 

As I type this I am on day 5 and I determined to go the full 12 weeks and share my progress.
Kayla's team sent me the guide to try and share my results with you, which I was so excited about because she is honestly the only fitness person I follow on social media (how she found me is a miracle in itself) and I was so excited (and scared) to try it. All of my results, opinion and progress is honest. I don't share stuff I don't believe in and I will always tell you the truth. 
So we shall see in 12 weeks what this guide does for me!
(i need a good transformation picture, because the before picture will not see the light of day unless there is a good after picture!!)

Here is a quick overview of the guide and my thoughts after starting:

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