Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oscar's Viewing Party | Neutrogena, MyHabit, Ok Magazine

Thank you DriveSTI for the fancy car!

We got to try out this gorgeous Mazda 3 Touring for a couple of days and it was perfect timing!
My husband was officiating a wedding and I got to go as his date, there's something special about going on a fancy date and pulling up in a cool car. 
Don't get me wrong, mini vans are about as cool as you can get...
but you know what I mean!

So we got dressed up and went for a long drive and chatted, laughed and talked about all the blessings in our life. It really doesn't matter where you are... it's the company. It was nice too because it started raining and driving around in a smooth car with windshield wipers that actually work is pretty special! Oh, and of course our tushies were warm too from the heated seats!


I was invited to an Oscar's viewing party held by Neutrogena, MyHabit and Ok Magazine
It was held at the beautiful W hotel, what an experience!!

Walking the red carpet? not really something I do on a regular basis, but I have to say... It was pretty fun!!

So much good food and celebrities everywhere. So many people looked vaguely familiar and I was googling them as they stood right next to me, I know... I'm so embarrassing!! haha!!
I guess the list to get in was "tight", and honestly don't know how I got there and even allowed to bring a +1 but I am thankful for the invite and the experience, thank you Neutrogena!

So being that I'm a SAHM of four, my fancy dress section of my closet is non existent... so what's a girl to do? I got this  dress for $15 in the clearance section of Forever 21 and paired it with some heels from Ross! Yup, that's how your girl rolls.

Jeannie vs. Jenny

Oh my goodness! I almost forgot to tell you guys.. so people kept coming up to me going "Jenny... this this and this" or "Oh its so good to see you" and I would respond with "oh, my name is Jeannie, not Jenny" I just assumed they were pronouncing my name wrong. Then later a network interviewed me and introduced me as Jenny with a huge fashion vlog. I was thinking, I do-do fashion.. but I am not a huge fashion vlogger by any means. I told my friend that maybe they think I'm someone else, just then a girl liked one of my pictures on instagram and I clicked her name and HER name was Jenny and she was a fashion blogger! Next thing you know, an asian girl with long black hair walked by... OH, people must think I'm her!!!! Now I wonder if that interview will air with me as Jenny?!  I guess I can see the resemblance, especially if we are not right next to each other. She is a contestant on the new season on the Amazing Race, so check it out! 

So glad to have shared the experience with one of my best friends of 18 years. Thank you for coming with me!! 

Click to watch me going to the event! 


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  2. What a cute dress! I bet that party was super fun!

  3. I'm always looking to connect with other mommy bloggers. Glad to find another Asian mommy blogger! It's amazing you're able to maintain a fashion blog with two little ones. I hope you visit my site too. Mine is more of a writing, story-telling blog. I hope we can connect!