Saturday, January 31, 2015

Disney Side @ Home Celebration

So excited to have been chosen to throw a #disneyside party! We were chosen to do the "multi-generational" party with Mickey and Friends.

This huge, magical box appeared on my door step! I have never loved the UPS delivery truck so much!!

Perfect timing as it was my daughter's birthday that week! (phew! tinker bell must have heard my plea's for help! haha!)

We got so many goodies to make an awesome party.
BUT of course when I was at Target... there were some awesome Disney treats I could not resist for their goodie bags!

These little princesses light up and were only $0.99! (valentine's day section)

And then we got some $1 planners and candies!

Found this little chalk banner for super cheap too and I thought it looked perfect with the big Mickey head we got in our box!!!

I found these little vials of glitter at Michael's (they came in packs of 4) and my daughter said "they look like pixie dust!" so she added some pixie dust labels and we tied some cord on them so the kids could wear them. You never know when you'll need pixie dust... so it needs to be handy!

We had so much fun making these Tie-Dye cupcakes. Who knew it would be so easy? 
We definitely didn't work all the colors equally, but they turned out great!

We are ready to party!!!

and of course Pizza. because every sleepover needs pizza, giggling and lots of high pitched screaming. haha!!

Our Frozen drink... just happened to have an Olaf that fit perfectly in my dispenser! 
Hawaiian punch (blue), Pineapple juice and 7 up 

ok easiest dessert ever! Jello, whipped cream and oreos!

Ok, this was a strange party for me. My little baby girl turned 8 and it was so weird when she said "mom I want a sleepover and do 'grown up' crafts" uhm... okay?! what happened to my little baby?!?!

So we started off making some magical mirrors. What girl doesn't like to bedazzle ANYTHING?! right? haha! Then we moved on to making necklaces and bracelets. (girls are very particular, its so fun watching how each of them make things!)

This awesome nail polish kit came in the box, and what girl doesn't like some pretty nails!? The nail polish surprisingly smelled.... good?! kind of fruity. Which was nice since there were about 10 polishes going at once. The color was good too, and as you all know... I'm a nail polish junkie so it's hard to surprise me!

I was surprised how into the games all the girls were too!

 we did a 'pin the mouth on mickey', trivia, bingo  and word search.  One thing I appreciated about her getting older, they really were so much fun to play games with and do activities with!

How gorgeous is this treat? mmmm...Creme de la Creme

So the party literally did not stop all night. ALL NIGHT. I don't think they slept at all. I came out for the last time at about 5am to check on them and then at about 6am I heard "i'm hungry" so I got up to make them breakfast, no rest for mom!!

While they at breakfast I printed out these cards for each girl saying thank you for coming. Love that they gave us these printable photo cards. You download the HP photo studio and there are a whole bunch of pre-made layouts that you just drag your photos into. seriously love this!! We probably printed for about an hour and tried all different designs!

Each girl got to go home with one of these precious necklaces from SarahJaneDesign on Etsy
I secretly wanted one for myself! aren't they adorable?!

Happy Birthday to my not so little anymore little girl!!!
hold on.
wait, it didn't end there... nope, you can't have a disneyside party and NOT go to disneyland!!!!

Yup, we packed up the minivan and went to disneyland!

How gorgeous are these princess hair clips? Pictures don't do them justice, they are so much prettier in person (and they are pretty darn cute here!!)

Even the ducks are more magical and Disneyland!
We stayed until the wind and rain sent us home...
came home to this lovely package from my sister filled with these princesses with snap on dresses, have you ever seen them? my 3 year old literally spends HOURS playing with them!!

My beautiful Jael.
The word 'love' does not suffice. I could not and would not have had 4 babies had I not had you first. You are one of the most wise, compassionate, thoughtful, intuitive, perceptive, loving people I have ever met...and you are only 8. The greatness that is within you amazes me and excites me. It causes me to search myself daily so that I can be a better mom for you. You deserve so much more than I could ever give, but I will try. Thank you for being a joy, a light and a constant reminder to me that miracles do happen. You are my miracle girl and I am in wonder every day. I see God's handiwork all over you, and through you I can see how big and amazing He is. 
Thankful God chose me to be your momma, makes me think I must be pretty special too. 

thank you #disneyside for providing our huge disneyside box so we could celebrate our little girl in the most special way. Items shared were given free, all opinions are honest and my own. 

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  1. Oh my gosh this is incredible adorable! It looks like everyone had so much fun! You're making me want a little girl. ;)