Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bright Red Hair in One Step!

 A lot of people want to dye their hair bright red, but don't quite know how to achieve it without bleaching it first. I discovered this hair dye a couple of years back and totally love it. 

No pre-lightening required!
I purchased these at Sally's (you can use vol 20,30, or 40...I just had 40 on hand)

This hair dye is made for dark hair, so I am not sure how it would work on blonde.
1. mix dye and developer
2.start at the ends of your hair (the hair by the roots will dye much faster and lighter so I do it last)
3. move your way up to the roots
4. cover in cling wrap
wait and watch it progress. once it is the color you want, rinse!

Everyone's hair dyes different, so I usually watch and rinse when it is the color I want. Red fades very quickly so you may have to re-apply quite frequently. When I had my hair red, after I achieved the lightness and brightness I wanted I would add manic panic every 2 weeks to brighten up the red without lifting more. If your hair grows quickly, you will have to re-dye your roots more frequently.
I would recommend washing hair less frequently and using a sulfate free shampoo :)

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