Friday, July 19, 2013

Boogie Wipes & Puffs!

I have shared Boogie Wipes in my favorites several times because I went through so many years of not using them, I wish someone told me about them 3 kids ago!
I use to see them in the baby aisle and thought "so stupid, why would I buy separate wipes just for their boogies". That's because I never read the package or bothered trying them!
My youngest daughter has super dry skin and whenever she has a runny nose her whole face gets chapped from me one day I actually read the package and tried them. 
How come no one told me about them before?!?!

Not only do they not dry out her little nose, the saline actually loosens those hard boogies and they moisturize her face!
The first time I got the berry blast and grape (the scent is a bit strong, like bubble gum) So now I just get the fresh scent or unscented. I have a pack in my diaper bag and always keep the big canister of them at home now

"Boogie Wipes are made with saline to dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold, allergies or otherwise booger-filled kid moments. Extra soft and scented in Great Grape, Fresh Scent, Magic Menthol (for extra stuffy noses), Simply Unscented and Boogieberry, Boogie Wipes are recommended by Pediatricians as a gentle, effective alternative to a dry tissue."

So now they have them for grown ups. ( I didn't know they were put out by the same people) but they so graciously sent me these ones to try and I'm so glad they did or else I would never have known to look for these for myself!
But Puffs has saline wipes for adults... not only great for when YOU have a cold and don't want the bright red rudolph nose that's chapped and flaking everywhere, its good for cleaning your face on the go. I know the package has a girl on it, but this would be awesome for guys. I feel like after they play basketball or whatever they just hang out with all that gunky dirt and sweat on their face and then wonder why they break out!!! maybe its too girly, but if they did a quick wipe with one of these it would totally clean their face and prevent breakouts too!
We take a lot of trips and drive a lot... so although I use makeup wipes these are good to wipe my kids faces with to freshen up. I usually use just the normal baby wipes, but they are drying... unlike these!
so here's to boogie free, clean faces for everyone!!

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