Saturday, July 27, 2013

35 Week Pregnancy Update

phew. I'm at 35 weeks.... 
I know most people say "wow that flew by!" not me, I feel like I've been pregnant forever!!!
Here is my 35 week update!

This week:
I totally forgot to mention in the video that at this weeks doctor's appointment I actually measured smaller than the previous week and didn't gain weight, so doc was a little concerned that baby hadn't grown. Praying the next checkup the little man will have grown a bit!

I've been feeling crampy, pressure and lot of back pain. 
Praying to go to 37 weeks, but  not past 40! haha!

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  1. So so exciting, Jeannie! You look positively radiant and best wishes for when you do go into labour. <3 Love from Vancouver!