Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups and Bottles

I remember the first time I saw Tommee Tippee stuff at Babies R Us. I have to say I'm a sucker for new and cool/new packaging. 
Tommee Tippee was nice enoughh to send us some more bottles and sippy cups to try... so I thought I'd share my favorites. 

The more nobby sippies (on the very right in top picture) are great for older kids, but for my 1 year old the water seems to come out a little too fast for her.

now these sippy cups... GENIUS. I have always thought it was a bit gross carrying around a sippy cup with the mouth part exposed. especially when they drop them and who knows what can touch them. I love love love the flip cap. Its tight enough to not flop around, but easy enough to open that my daughter can open it herself. The lid stays in its little compartment too, so it's not bonking her in the nose while she drinks.The actual spout is firm, but soft. Which she really likes... and really liked when she was cutting teeth. I would put ice water in the cup and I feel like it gave her some relief to rub her gums on the little spout. I love these cups and want to buy them for all my friends with kids! 

So after 3 kids and trying every bottle at Target... seriously. EVERY kind of bottle... I had settled on using just Avent bottles with the others. I was kind of like "meh, its not going to be that great". But these are awesome! I love that there are just 2 pieces. The bottle and lid, which makes cleaning a lot easier. Since my daughter was strictly breast fed I wasn't sure how she would transition to the bottle. I like that this nipple area of the bottle is wide and comfortable. She drinks out of them no problem. Because they are wide it makes them super easy to clean to.  And for any mommy that is  a huge plus.

I was looking at the bottles to put on my registry for baby in my belly and noticed they had other ones now too. that are "closer to nature". I'm gonna have to investigate more and report back to you!

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