Monday, March 4, 2013

DIY Minnie Mouse sneakers

We love Disneyland...
We try to go as often as we can, but no one loves disneyland more than my sister in law. 
The last time we were there a girl walked by wearing some minnie mouse-esque sneakers and she said "ooh, those are cute!" and a ding!! went off in my head...those wouldn't be hard to make at all!

So today is my sister in law's birthday, so for her birthday I thought I would make her some of her own. 

Things you will need:
a pair of red sneakers (I got these at Target)
white fabric paint
round paint sponges
bows (any minnie mouse-y color. white, red, yellow)
Fabric Fusion glue

As with most things, I didn't really plan out a pattern...I just kind of eyeballed where everything would go. If you are not a comfortable eyeballer, you can make little dots with the fabric paint to show yourself where to go. 

Make sure the sponge is evenly coated with paint and dot. I pressed gently and turned from side to side. 
If you lift the sponge and the dot isn't even all the way around, add more paint and carefully place the sponge in the same place.

I went around the whole shoe. In retrospect it would be easier to get a consistent pattern if you take out the laces. 

at the end I glued the bows on the back. Since you need to hold it in place for 2-4 hours you can just lean the shoes up against something that isn't going to move.
I left them leaning against a box overnight.

and the next morning.... voila!!

Simple and easy minnie mouse shoes. 
My daughter wants some now too so I'm on the hunt for some kids sized canvas shoes!
Good luck!


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  2. This is so cute! I want to make matching shoes for myself and my kiddies!

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