Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NEW China Glaze Holographic Polishes

These are the NEW holographic polishes by China Glaze that will be available in stores and salons April 2013. There are 12 color in total.

Colors shown from left to right:
don't be a luna-tic, take a trek, galactic grey, get outta my space, infra red, not in this galaxy

I've seen a lot of holographic polishes that only seem to be available online. These polishes aren't quite as 'holographic' as some that I've seen, but are gorgeous in person. Especially when the light hits they are super shiny and dimensional. 

These were the colors I tested out on my nails, and although it is a pretty metallic, you can't see the holographc quality quite as much because I put top coat on top. Before I put the top coat on it definitely looked more holographic. So my suggestion would be to put 2-3 coats and skip the top coat.

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