Saturday, December 22, 2012

Croup and the letter W

so we are all sick. 
one gets better, another gets sick. I guess its kind of inevitable in a family with little kids.

the littlest one has croup. such a horrible thing. the honking barking cough and wheezing makes me so nervous. been taking a lot of bundled up walks in the cold air to try to help.
my heart hurts when my kids are sick, especially when they are too little to tell me what hurts.
I wish I could take away all their sick days!

its funny how when they are sick nothing else seems to matter and you just want them to feel better again. Being a parent has made me understand God's love for me so much more. 
it is so much deeper, wider, longer than I can possibly imagine.

on a different note, my kids are OBSESSED with this song....we listen to it ALL day. I have to admit, its pretty catchy. all of us end up singing and dancing along.
they have a song for every letter, but W is definitely the best!


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