Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bright & Bold on a Gloomy day

woke up to a rainy gloomy day. which I actually don't mind. reminds me of rainy days in Vancouver. 
I have always been a color lover. I don't think I owned anything black in my wardrobe until I was well into my twenties. I feel like color just makes me happy, and make people around you feel bright. am i right? I hope so! my favorite color is yellow... like lemon, sunshine yellow. its just so happy. after yellow, anything bright and happy is good with me. 

is it sad I can't wait to be a old little lady so I can wear REALLY bright stuff and have lipstick all over and everything bedazzled? I envision myself as a jolly old lady with lots of color on and laughing a lot. I hope so. 

sweater: kohl's
scarf: target
bag: marshall's
jeans: vigoss from nordstrom rack
boots: love culture
belt: 50 cents at the thrift store!

hope you all have a bright and colorful day!