Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NEW Cirque du Soleil China Glaze colors

 New China Glaze colors!
It's a Trap-eze: milky glitter
Surreal Appeal: gorgeous coral
Escaping Beauty: hot pink
Running in Circles: glittery green
Def Defying: lime
Whirled away: black and white chunky glitter and stringy glitter

I have always loved the colors and consistency of China Glaze polishes. They aren't thick and goopy (and they don't get that way with age either) BUT they are super pigmented...enough that you could get away with doing one layer with most colors. 

"whirled away" away looked like it was a black polish with glitter in in. Once you put it on you realize it is actually a clear polish with such dense chunky glitter that it only looks that way. I like that once it is on the nail it is reminiscent of cherry blossoms or something organize like that.
"Its a trap-eze" is the other glitter that looks kind of milky in the bottle and on the finger I've never owned a milky glitter and I love it! it gives the glitter a little more of a muted look. 

love love love all of these colors~!

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