Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Birthday Party!

 Yesterday we got to celebrate our little girl's first birthday. So much fun...so much pink! haha! I was going to do a little video blog about it, but I didn't want to get distracted in having fun with the kids. I did manage to take a couple of pictures of the things I made for decorations and thought I'd share since everything was super easy (and cheap!)

these little feather hair clips were actually my older daughter's idea. I just bought:
a bag of feathers
flat wood shapes
hair clips
all from Michaels. all you need to do is gather the feathers, glue gun them to the wood chip, glue the wood chip to the hair clip and then glue on gems where all the feather tips gather! so easy!

This is what I used as a back drop:
2 yards of fabric (if you get the fabric that was pre-cut and probably returned, its super cheap)
foam circle
wrap foam circle in tulle
and made a strip of tu-tu to add to the top to frame the fabric and hide the edges.
the #1 is just cut out of sparkly foam paper

the tutu on the highchair is just tulle on elastic, but you can really just wrap it on a strip of tulle like I did to frame the polka dot wall.
flower tissue paper poofs and lanterns were like $6/3 at Party City and Target

The backdrop is so cheap, but really made good for pictures!

we had face painting and playdoh outside...and of course  a bounce house!
love days like this. luckily I get to do it again in 2 weeks for our son!