Wednesday, October 10, 2012

s l o w l y cooling

so it is finally finally FINALLY starting to cool down. Meaning, it wasn't triple digits yesterday. haha! In my mind it was gonna be a lot cooler...but regardless, I'm gonna start dressing for fall. It seems so ironic to me that my favorite season are fall and winter and I live in a place that is always just different degrees of summer! 
I got some early birthday money the other day so I thought I'd treat myself. This usually means me ending up buying stuff for the kids, but this time I actually found a couple of cute things!
These little booties were only $16 at Ross and are surprisingly comfortable. the sole is squishy if that makes any sense... then I found this cute polka dot denim shirt at Forever 21 along with some other cute things in the clearance section that was an additional 50% off the sale price!! Gotta love shirts for under $3!!!
anyways, I am so excited for cooler weather clothes. What are you most excited to wear?
Gotta go de-cling all my scarves. does that happen to yours too?


  1. Funny how you are excited for the cold weather and I am dreading it!! I love how it looks... just not how it feels :/ Cute outfit! you got some great sales!

  2. Cute outfit. Love the polkadot denim shirt. I just got a long denim blouse as well and am wearing it with my new brown booties.

    Newest follower here!