Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Colored Lenses

I got some new contact lenses recently from !
These are the Geo Color Nine Series in Grey $19.50
I love that you can get each eye different prescription because a lot of places won't let you or you have to buy two complete sets for each prescription!

at first I was concerned because in the past wearing contacts where the color went to the center made me see a haze when I wore them making me feel nauseous and headachy.but these ones do not do that at all. I don't see a haze even when I look side to side. score!

I really like the look of these... I feel ice princess-y. perfect for winter!

these are the ones I usually wear. they are the  Geo Big Grang Grang Series in Brown. $19.80
At first I thought the limbal ring was way to big (compared to the acuvue define I wore every day before this) but now I always go back to them because they make your eyes look so pretty!

I hope this helps you in your colored/circle ring hunt!

Here is my Fall Favorite Nail Polishes...Here I'm wearing the Grey ones :) 

and in case you haven't seen my review on the Acuvue Define Dailies here it is! have a great weekend everyone!

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