Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DS Styles Rhinestone Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Ah! I love phone cases. I seriously search phone cases every day online. Its replacing my shoe obsession. ok, maybe not that far..but its coming close!
This beauty came in the mail yesterday from DS Styles and I absolutely love it!
I wasn't sure how 'expensive' it would look from the website...but I have to tell real life it looks pretty darn fancy! The Rhinestones are super clear and sparkly and don't' look like there are gonna fall off AND a huge AND you can't see the glue. There is something about seeing the glue or the glue strings that bothers me. I also thought that it would be heavy, but on the contrary. It is super light.
If you are a phone case lover too check out their site, they have a ton of cases and different mine is the 'rhinestone' but they have a huge selection!


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