Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just a little time away....

sometimes I feel like you have to intentionally take a little time off. Time away from your every day. It gets harder to just "pick up and go" away for the night when you have 3 kids...but I think its just as, if not more important! The wonderful thing about living in California is, you don't have to very far to find things to do or feel like you are further away than you actually are. 
I got a last minute deal on Hotwire so we went to San Diego for the night. Am I the only one that gets nervous booking a hotel without knowing which one you're getting? I swear it took me forever to pull the trigger and just book it! We ended up staying at a nice Hyatt by the Bay and had a lot of fun. the pool actually had water slides.... i was shocked at how chilly it was though. less than 2 hours away and it was like more than 30 degrees colder! brrrr! and, just as an FYI Hyatt charges you up the wazoo for everything extra! I'm probably gonna get charged for saying their name! haha!!

So we went the educational route and went to the discovery museum which turned out to be a great choice. I am so amazed at how smart and bright my kids are, and how fast they are growing up. 
I feel like I could just stare at them all day. 

One realization I had this week was that being that they are so smart I expect so much out of them... and I have to remember...They are just 5, they are just 3.... sometimes they need to be that age. I guess it was kind of a mom epiphany moment. I think in the every day of life you get into survival mode and just try to  keep it together that you forget that sometimes, you just have to stop. enjoy. let them cry if they need to, hug them extra long....and just let them be whatever age they are. they don't always have to keep it together... that's my job. HAHAHHAHAA!!! 

so proud of the little people they are becoming. ok. one more proud mom moment. my daughter who is 5 has been getting an allowance for doing chores. we do this mainly to teach her about money, saving, tithing, etc. so anyways, she's been saving her money to buy a treat. the other day she says "mom, i figured out what I want to do with my money" and I was like "really? what do you want to get?" and she says "I want to give it to (our friend's son) so he can go to africa". my heart just melted. our friend's son is raising money to go to kenya on a missions trip with his school, I really didn't even know that she was aware of all this. anyways, I was so proud of her for having such a generous and thoughtful heart. what a sweet girl.....
anyways, I hope you are all having a good week and remember to take a little time to enjoy the people in your life!!! g'nite :)