Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pretty Eggs

I have to say. I'm excited to decorate eggs. These are from our egg session last year. I got all the stuff at the 99 cent store... so that's always a plus! There's just something so pretty about a colorful egg... don't ya think?

speaking of eggs...I get to go to the doctor tomorrow and see my little egg turned jelly bean. I'm excited. I always say I wish there was a little "window" of clear on your belly while you are pregnant so you can see little baby. I know that would be weird, maybe kinda gross.. but I find it all so amazing. Even though this is baby #3 I read the weekly development and have daily tips that get sent to my phone. It is all just so amazing. my heart understands it, but my brain does not. It just does not make sense how a little baby forms and is in there!!!
I am hoping my nausea actually decides to go away this time instead of lingering until the end. I AM feeling better overall.. so maybe that is a good sign. I had some very UNsexy moments in the last couple of husband must be horrified. either way, he hides it well.. which is good for me!


  1. I had to laugh when you made a comment about the "unsexy" moments you've had recently. I am 9 wks pregnant with our second baby (my little girl is 9 mos) and I can relate! But I laugh because despite everything I know (but admit that I can't quite understand how) my husband still finds me sexy. Those unsexy moments fade SO quickly from his mind with one look or loving touch from me and I know it's the same for your man. That's one of the many neat things about being married to a godly man :) Happy Resurrection Day. Oh, and I love your idea about a clear window on the belly! I'd love to see our little "Poppy" grow :)

  2. aw, congratulations Kristin! i don't know if this is the only way to reply... but its all i know to do! your husband sounds like a fantastic guy, that makes me happy to hear. hope you and your little sweet pea are feeling well and growing good!