Monday, December 6, 2010


what a wonderful weekend. i got to share just a little bit at a ladies tea...and even though i cried through most of it, it was good. i always say that if your experiences can make one other person think, be thankful, understand, or encourage just a little bit...than it is worth it.

came home and was thinking about the good friends i have. they are honest with me, open, and tell it like it is. i've always been a pretty open person i guess. susie says i'm very transparent. one of my best traits..but also my tragic flaw.
so i am always thankful when people are open and up front with me. friends are like mirrors. they help you see things about yourself you can't see on your own. sometimes you don't like it, but it doesn't mean its not true. and on the other hand sometimes its hard to accept that you are beautiful, creative..and having a good hair day. haha!
anyways, so today as i reflect i am thankful for all the mirrors in my life that show me what i can't see...

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