Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Fabkids Picks!

My kids get so excited when the delivery lady comes to the door with a fabkids box. Even the delivery lady says "I wonder what cute outfit they got this time!"

ok this picture totally sums them up! haha!

Where did my baby boy go? Today I was looking at him and could not help but feel sad all the 'baby-ness' is gone. He was pushing my younger daughter in the hammock and said " you are the most beautiful girl in the world" I almost choked on my spit, and then had to run inside because I didn't want him to see me cry!

He is wearing the "Insect Inspector" outfit in size M (he usually wears a kids 5)
Love the shirt. It is very structured so looks so crisp and clean. Love the little ant design!

My pretty girl is wearing the "Palm Trees and Stripes" outfit. The leggings came the wrong size (but perfect for little sister) but she didn't mind because it was 88 degrees out today!!

She was so excited there were pockets in the dress so she could take her "charms" with her. 
It's the little things...

Love my Fabkids!!

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  1. This is cute! Especially the boy stuff! It seems like FabKids has some trendy things. Another cool shopping tool for parents is text shopping... have you guys tried that? Check out You sign up for just your kids size and gender and they text out outfits for you to choose from. Pretty cool. Great blog and review! Keep up the good work!