Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Best of 2013: Mommy Edition

Hi all! I collaborated with 9 other moms on YouTube to do a Best of 2013 Mommy Edition video. We each made a video to share the products we have been loving in 2013 for ourselves and for our kids. Let me warn you, if you go through these videos... you're gonna need a pad of paper and a pen...and then, you're gonna have to run to the store. haha!!

I will link all the other videos below. Enjoy!

Click the links below to see the other mommies who did this! Thank you to Nicole for putting all of this together!

Nicole from Mommytipsbycole

Chrissie from the 411 Mommas

Michelle from I'm a mommy of1 (now a mommy of 2)

Kate from Cookie Partyy

Erin from Erin and Baby

Amanda from Amandamuse

Claire from 4meandlt

Kathy from ljkfamtv

Shavonne from The Mommy Biz

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