Saturday, January 19, 2013

Morning Sickness Relief

So I am one of the lucky ladies that has horrible morning sickness. With the other 3 I had it the whole way through, until labor day. lucky me!
I have tried prescription medication as well, but I thought I would share some remedies that you can get at your local grocery store or drug store. I hope if you are having morning sickness too something here helps!

Saltines. Yes everyone's first suggestion is always saltines and ginger ale. But it does help...a little. I find that it helps the best as soon as you wake up to chew on a couple to put something in your stomach before you literally get UP. (which for some reason makes it so much worse!) I also chew on a couple before I go to bed to settle my stomach a little.  So these are permanently on my nightstand.

I have heard that warm ginger ale or dr. pepper settles your stomach the best. I don't warm mine up, but I do keep it room temperature. I feel like it helps because it makes you burp a lot..and isn't as sweet as other sodas (plus it has ginger in it...and it is has 'Canada' in it!)

I got a recommendation on Facebook to use peppermint. So I've been keeping these in my purse. Honestly, I think to have anything in your mouth at all times help. This breaks it up, and give you fresh breath too!

I don't know what it is about sour. but it helps. Between runs to hot dog on a stick for the lemonade... I keep these in my purse too (the strawberry slurpee from taco bell is kinda sour and helps too FYI)

the Preggie Pop Drops are awesome. unlike other sour candies, they stay sour from beginning to end. most sour candies end up turning sweet. PLUS they contain vitamin B6 which is also suppose to help combat nausea! These drops are sour rasberry and lemon! The pops you can get in sour or in ginger/peppermint/lavender or in combo packs like this one. (you can get them at babies r us, maternity store or

Ginger. yep. some of us love it, some of us hate it. I personally don't like it. I only like pickled ginger. My friend sent me a picture of these and I had never seen them. So i figured they were only available in Canada...and then a friend here gave me 2 packs! These taste much better than the sugared ginger bites I got previously. More smooth. And these you can drop in hot water and turn into tea!

and if you really can't stand the taste of ginger. there are always ginger tablet. you don't taste anything. I haven't seen any improvement with these but I know people who swear by them!

last but not least...mouthwash. With baby #3 I had really bad dry mouth. I feel like it contributed to my gag reflex. I started using this and it really helped. I also use the regular minty mouthwash several times a day just to clear out my mouth.

Good luck to you. if you have any remedies you love please share them with me!


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