Friday, March 27, 2015

BoxyCharm Unboxing + Canceled Ipsy?!

I have been loving Boxy Charm so much and not so loving my Ipsy bag so I decided to cancel my Ipsy. I figure I can keep the $10 and save up for something I really want! 

Boxy charm you get 4-5 FULL sized products, and brands you've heard of and want!
See what I got this month!

IG pic of the day:

Got to go on a wedding date with this handsome husband of mine. 

I use to cry at weddings because it seemed like a fairytale and I was like a little girl dreaming, wishing and wondering what it would be like to be in love like that.  Now I cry at weddings because I understand what is really happening.  I understand the depth of the commitment they are making, the struggles they will face and the joy that is incomparable.  Knowing a love so deep and being completely vulnerable with someone and trusting them with your heart in their hands.  I cry at weddings now because I know of the beauty and depth of life they are about to experience and it is beautiful.  I say a silent prayer and ask God to bless their marriage, to give them joy, good communication and to never give up on each other.  Love is a beautiful thing. I am reminded today of how I felt marrying this man on our wedding day.  The anticipation and hope for what our lifeworld be like has been surpassed in so many ways, and I am thankful and thankful some more.  I believe in love... for eternity. 

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