Friday, December 19, 2014

Walt's Place Vacation Rental & Disneyland!

We were so blessed to able to stay at Walt's Place for 2 nights, and I had to..HAD TO share. 
I know a lot of people who come from out of town, state, country and come to Disneyland and often ask where the best place to stay is. Trust me, traveling with kids can be a daunting exerience. My kids loved this place so much they didn't even want to go to Disneyland. I repeat, THEY DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND!!!  and once we did go, they kept saying "mom, can we go back to the condo" They all slept really well too (I'm talking atleast 12 hours, all 4 of them. It's a Christmas miracle! hahah!) So I thought I would share my experience for you all and it will be in the back of your mind the next time you need a place to rent for your family! There is video below too so you can come discover Walt's Place with us!!

They have LITERALLY  thought of every single detail. Every "oh many I wish I brought my..." moment was met with a solution. For me, that means having a Keurig. Mama needs her coffee in the morning. They had an assortment of coffee, tea, iced tea, decaf..

along with that there were tons of slippy cups, travel coolers, lunch bags, ziplock bags, to go spoons (perfect for my yogurt eater) ice packs... seriously, better equipped than my house! Not to mention strollers, double strollers, backpacks. Seriously. You need it, they have it. Perfect if you're traveling!

Huge dining area that also had a booster chair and a high chair (that magically turns into a rocking horse and a desk!!)

there were toys in every corner. My kids were in paradise. We didn't turn on the tv once and they never stopped playing! And there were things for every age, and many things we didn't even get to (like all the board games!)

The kids room sleeps FIVE kids. yep, there is a trundle under the boys bed and under the bunk bed.... and does this room look familiar? it's an exact replica of Andy's room from Toy Story!!

This is the second room, we ended up just using it to put the pack and play in (which they have two so you don't have to bring yours) but how gorgeous is the mural and bedding?

Master Bedroom is Snow White themed, I meant to take pictures of the little details...but then I got too excited. Hopefully you can see them in the video!

Look at that little window! it is for the under the stairs room! how fun, seriously might be my favorite  thing in the house. The little girl in me couldn't handle it. haha!

under the stairs!!

My hubby even got his quiet time in each morning outside on the patio.

Every part of this rental was so fun. They had a scavenger hunt for mickey's hidden around the house, and cool trivia and hidden secrets of Disneyland books that you could go through before going to the park. 
They even left our kids little mickey presents and a  gingerbread house for our family to make together. I cannot say enough about the love and care that is in this place, and we would definitely go back. 
Oh! did i mention it is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM DISNEYLAND?! hah! most important part! every hotel we stayed in was quite a walk and at the end of the day it is really nice to be able to walk out of the park, across the street and be home.

Click to see Walt's place!

Click to watch our trip to Disneyland!

For more information on Walt's place:

The Copple's gifted us with this trip for Pastor's appreciation, and boy do we feel appreciated. We would definitely go back to and pay for our family to stay here in the future. They don't know I'm sharing this review, I just thought it would be easiest to post rather than try to explain over and over to my family and friends!
 It is truly a treasure and I wanted to share with you all,
Thank you so much Theresa and Josh for allowing our family to stay here and be blessed!!