Monday, October 13, 2014

Fell off the Fitness Wagon!

Gonna be honest. 
I fell of the fitness wagon. 
Yep. The brownies got the best of me. The past month or slow I've been working out less and eating worse. Honestly I didn't even care because it felt good to indulge. 
BUT the last few days I've been feeling gross. You know when you eat too much candy and  you have that icky taste in the back of your mouth? yep. That's how I feel. I feel like I need to eat a bag of spinach and cleanse. I felt like I wasn't seeing much of a difference, but now that I have been  'indulging' I definitely do. My face has totally broken out and I look like a pre-teen acne face and my pants are getting tight and my muffin top has magically expanded. I decided I'm not going to feel bad about it though, I'm just going to change. AGAIN. 
No excuses, no pity party. Just plain old, I'm back on it. So today I decided I'm gonna cut down (and when I say cut down, I mean I'm going to try to not drink soda anymore…but when I put a restriction I want it so I'm just gonna say cut down and try not to!haha!) on soda and drink only water. It is amazing how much sugar and non-nutritional ingredients are in drinks.. and I love my flavored teas and Coca Cola. So mama is going to make a change. Today. Right now. So this morning my husband and I started our day with a good HIIT work out and I told him we are doing it every day… and we will.
We did it before so we can do it again.
I have to remind myself that i didn't "undo" all my hard work from before. I am at a totally different starting point and that my body WANTS to be healthy. 
So I feel motivated again to resume my healthy lifestyle.
My goal is to be at my very best at 35… and that is coming up in a month!!


  1. Best to you on your goal and your baby is sooooo cute!!!

    Kind regards,

    Nathaly Juarez