Thursday, September 11, 2014

MORE Kids?!?

I seem to get this question a lot. From those who know us, its usually asked and followed with a "you'll have more". From those who don't know us its with a bit of… how shall I say, judgmental skeptic tone? haha!! and then there are those you genuinely are just curious of "when do you feel done?"
I feel like it's been a process, and before baby #4 we did not feel complete…and I always had that longing for more. Is that feeling gone? not completely. 
I am sad, definitely going through the process of mourning the thought of not having any more kids, eventually not having a baby in the house and no longer needing to go down the baby aisle. I think I am sad that-that phase of my life is over. That as a woman, I was able to carry, deliver and nourish a baby from my body and understanding that it won't happen again is sad to me. Babies are miracles. Absolute miracles. Our bodies are miracles. I still can't wrap my head around the whole thing, BUT back to my point. Knowing that-that part of my life and body is over is kind of sad. Sad, but also exciting. We get to go into the next phase of life. We can go camping, We won't need diapers, we will sleep better at night…and we get to watch our little ones develop and grow. Which in itself is exciting, freeing and scary all in one too.
So my answer is, we are complete.
Our family has each perfect component it needs. and we are happy. 
God has blessed us and we are thankful. 
(did I mention I was told I couldn't have kids?!)