Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What Kind of Facebooker Are You?

If you are like me, Facebook is part of your daily life. In observing people on Facebook, I've realized that most people fall into one of these categories. What kind of Facebooker are you?

Like Threateners
These are the people who love posting pictures that have a ridiculous caption that threatens you if you don't  like it. For instance, a picture of a baby with the caption "like if you think this baby is cute, ignore if you want the baby to die" or a picture of Jesus with the caption "like if you love Jesus, ignore if you want to go the hell" haha!!

These people find it imperative  to share their day with you step by step. Every place they go, they check in. Everything they eat, they share a picture. They let you know about every single interaction they had and how they felt about it. 

You never see that they are online, but they are there. looking, watching…but never leaving a trace of their existence.

Always on a crusade about something. Informing, Online Picketing, Ranting, Shaming, Pushing, Informing…passionately about something and everything. Usually there is a long thread of comments of people who either totally agree, or totally disagree. Crusaders like controversy and love a Facebook fight!

Dear Diary Writiers
These people seem to think that Facebook is their personal diary. Disclosing anything and everything. Usually in a "woe is me" sort of tone, hoping for some sort of comfort, concern or pity from anyone who might give it to them.

They tag you in everything. Whether or not you were there, in the picture or have to do with what they are doing. You're tagged.

Bumper Sticker Collectors
These Facebookers love sharing EVERY single picture, quote, ecard that they find online. I mean, E V E R Y single one!

Vague Venters
These people love to complain…vague enough to deny they were talking about you, specific enough to know they were talking about you. c'mon people. If you have a problem, don't post it on Facebook! grow up and talk to the person… and as entertaining it is for us to watch, it also gets annoying.

News Reporters
Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Yahoo news. Any article they read… they gotta share it. They just gotta!

Negative Nancy
Negative about their job, kids, husband, wife, mom, neighbor, shirt, coffee, weather. Whatever they post about, rest assured…it's going to be negative. 

I'm guilty. I Facebook snoop and investigate all the time. c'mon, you do it too…admit it! You snoop through peoples pictures, friends, click click click and click some more…you know the low down about everything and everyone. Who's dating who, who is doing what. You know way more than you should…and you like it. You just have to be careful not to disclose information that you know they didn't tell you! haha!

I wrote these in fun, but I heard something once that really stuck with me. Facebook is a highlight reel of your life. You share what you want to share, and show what you want to show about yourself. If someone who doesn't know you were to scroll through your Facebook, what would it say about you?
I hope people would see that I love God, my family and don't get caught up in nonsense. 
None of the above are "bad", just remember…that YOU get to choose what you show to people, choose wisely!