Friday, December 6, 2013

Dressember Days 1-5

Hey everyone! in case you hadn't heard... its Dressember!!
Wear a dress every day in December to raise awareness and support to end slavery and human trafficking through the International Justice Mission.

Since I decided to participate I have been reading up on International Justice Mission and the work they are doing and my heart has been broken for these men, women, children and families that are forced into situations I cannot even imagine. The IJM has gone into places and rescued men, women, and children... shut down brothels and have given them hope and a future.

For a lot of people, they think... I can't do much, it's such a big problem. Well, every little bit helps and a bunch of little bits turn into a LOT!
If you would like to donate even $1 please click the link below 100% goes to the International Justice Mission.

To donate: >>> I am a freedom maker!! <<<

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