Friday, July 1, 2011

23 weeks

So we decided to go to the beach the other day, I haven't gone in like a year! which is suprprising as we love the beach and its not that far. Initially I was horrified at the thought of exposing my belly.. but then I realized nothing fit... so ce la vie!
I feel like my body has doubled in size. I waddle when I walk, grunt when I try to get up... and occasionally my butt and legs go numb. oh joy!
watching my kids play in the water was so nice. they are good kids...and so beautiful. they really light up my life. Love them so much.

been feeling kind of down lately, so i am trying to focus on the things that are good and that matter. people that matter. life is too good to spend it being in a bad mood!
on another note, i got my first real i feel for my husband so much more and am gonna do a better job with his sunscreen next time!

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