Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mark. Rebel Rose Quad

I was feeling a little blue today... and so I just started to list of all the things I was thankful for... there are so many! So in an attitude of gratitude... I'm gonna share some more!

This is a pre-made eyeshadow quad made frome the Mark. i-mark eyeshadows. These are colors I love and that will look good on anyone! There is a white, pink, purple and smokey grey.

so to enter... you have to go to my youtube channel below, subscribe...and in the comment box write one thing you are thankful for today!


  1. thankful for you! how do i subscribe to your u tube channel?

  2. I'm Thankful for... Baking Soda... ok I know its a little weird, but its great for cooking, cleaning, brushing my teeth, laundry, removing the WORST stains, & so many things!