Saturday, October 24, 2009

post baby body

so I hate my body enough to complain about it every day.
don't hate it enough to actually DO something about exercise.

I have to say after having 2 kids I don't look too bad for someone who hates physical activity. I'm back to my pre-baby size.. give and take a few jiggly bits here and there.
my main problem is muffin top. not like you've seen before.
it's loose and I have it even when I'm naked.
just indents and hangs out.

exactly why they call it muffin top.

SO, my problem this summer was... I don't want to NOT go swimming with my kids because of my insecurities, but there are zero to no solutions for mom's that want to be stylish.
a. you buy a mom suit and just totally give up trying to be cute

or you can just swim fully clothed....
SO... I searched and searched.
I am 5"10" have a long torso, so tankini's are out because that little strip of skin that shows, IS THE PART I'M TRYING TO HIDE! and most one pieces even if they are cute either give me a wedgie front and back or my boobs are not covered.

so here is my solution:
if you are below 5'10"
I found this cute swimsuit that LOOKS like a tankini, but actually is connected underneath with tummy control.
it is made by Tommy Hilfiger:

very cute.. a little pricey, but worth it. here is the solution I found for myself:

these are tankini tops that are in extra long length!!! and they are ruched on the side so its not so tight on your bulges.
the tops are from
now for the bottom I wore bikini bottoms with shorts on top:

this helped my insecurity with my cellulite infested bottom.
so I have to say... this suit combo has saved me from missing out on time with my kids..and I've recommended it to my mommy friends and they look hot!!

next search...comfortable shapewear. cuz honey, I own spanx and I always take them off before I walk out that door.. mama's gotta breath!

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