Monday, November 9, 2009

skin remedies

ok so... are you ever sitting at home, watching tv and you slowly start touching your face and you realize.. it aint as smooth as you'd like? here are some home remedies i've found work great for me.
I have super sensitive skin, and haven't had a reaction... maybe i'll put some of my favorite skin products too.

Basic Skincare
I have a friend that once told me "its more important how you take off your makeup than how you put it on" I think this is very true. I cannot believe that so many women/girls go to sleep wearing their
makeup! not only has that makeup been sitting on your skin, it has also picked up all the pollutants, sweat, and debris from your day. So in light of that, take it off before you go to sleep...AND brush your teeth!


Neutrogena: Acne Stress Control
This one dispenses as a foam. i started using this when I got pregnant with my first daughter. my skin was out of control. This has a little bit of a funky smell (if you're sensitive), but it works. it takes off all your makeup and leave your face clean and under control. and less break outs

Mark. That's Deep
this is a gel cleanser. It doesn't bubble like you think a soap should, but it cleans well and gets all your make up off.

Clean & Clear cleanser for sensitive skin
I used this face wash for years. it was the first one i could find that took off waterproof mascara, and didn't dry out my skin. love it!

Eye Make-Up remover

Clinique: take the day off
It really doesn't matter what kind you use, expensive or less expensive, they are relatively the same. I always wear waterproof mascara, so it helps to take it off before I wash my face. You don't want to be rubbing your eyes on a towel to get the raccoon eyes off, pulling on the skin like that will cause premature wrinkles.
if you don't have eye makeup remover..
use vaseline. it works great. slap some on, and wipe off with tissue. it really moisturizes the eye area too which doesn't hurt!

Most people don't see the importance of toner.
When you wash your face with warm water, you open up all your pores.. toner closes them for you so all that dirt doesn't jump back in!

Clinique clarifying lotion
i LOVE this. if i don't use it, my face doesn't feel clean. you THINK you've gotten all the dirt off your face from washing it, but a swipe of this on a cotton pad..and eww... you see the dirt. so it is like an extra step of the tonage. voila!

this is so important to me. i have super dry skin and without moisturizer i feel like i've been swimming all day in a chlorine filled pool. it feels tight and cracky.

Clinique: dramatically different moisturizer
an all time favorite. its light, but moisturizes well. isn't sticky and absorbs quickly.

Neutrogena:anti-wrinkle cream
any time a product has anti-wrinkle properties, its a bonus. don't wait til you're old and wrinkly to use anti-wrinkle stuff. its easier to prevent than to treat.
i love this moisturizer...

Mark. See things clearly
this comes in a cute little pump. its light, and has a 'skin brightening' particles.